Inner Voice Episode 1

I never ever wanted that to be happening. Never ever wanted me to want someone more than myself. It just happened that i started believing in someone more than myself.And every time, no one turned out to be worthy of me. Repeatedly getting cheated, caught dumbed & ditched,; people changed one after the other . I thought that this person would not betray, I went ahead.

Whereas the one who cheated earlier realised his flaws and wanted to come back i didn’t allow only because of my belief that the one who had betrayed once then it’s not tough to do that again. But Even when I got attached to another person in this world I was also getting that hurt,tears and even afraid of getting betrayed….Why???

People of this world made me ask “Why” then why God would answer.Im pretty Sure people would be answerable and have to pay for their Karma.

It’s not possible for a human being to leave and forget someone but every time another human forced me to act like and accept this tough lesson.To be honest I’m not learning too much from these all but yes it’s broken me in tiny pieces through inside.

There & then it’s a God will for my goodwill, right??? I forgot God then what are you and who to enlighten??

It’s my bad as everyone is the same instead of me.